Breaking Ice

Breaking Ice is the award-winning program of Pillsbury House Theatre that for over 20 years has been “breaking the ice” for courageous and productive dialogue around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. A diverse company of professional actors portrays real-life situations that are customized to meet the goals, needs and culture of each unique organization we serve.

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Breaking Ice performances blend drama, music, poetry, movement and humor in a series of dynamic scenes to explore how systemic inequities, implicit bias and common misperceptions show up in relationships, creating uncomfortable interactions that inhibit innovation, motivation and productivity in the workplace.

Following the performance, trained Breaking Ice facilitators lead the group in a reflective discussion to deepen awareness and practice exploring the tough stuff together.

Outcomes of a Breaking Ice performance include:

  • Change how we show up at work
  • Change how we engage with each other
  • Foster a greater awareness of ourselves and others
  • Become more aware of our implicit biases
  • View EDI as an ongoing practice
  • Experience vulnerable, courageous conversation
  • Practice generating concrete, practical actions to advance EDI

an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities