Will they succeed?

The show is next week. We are inundated with fear. There are so many ways to find failure in the midst of success. There are the excuses: “I have other things on my mind,” “I need to take a break,” “What’s the point of all this?” and my personal favorite, “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” The weeks have be filled with daily lectures of how and why attention to detail is important but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Two minutes after I give the talk the same behavior comes into the room. The writing is great, but the effort is inconsistent to say the least. When the focus is there they rise, but more often than not they succeed in pulling each other into the mire. They will make it but it won’t be easy.

But then there is this weeks sample:

I’m a be better than the basic rap stars

Even if I don’t make it that far

If I had to take on inference I’m a make a difference

Creating great tensions

For all those on the path to greed

As a branch for trees

Me to rap with ease

So I can pass the beat

So my cousin Adam Reed

Headin back to the streets to stop the action

Cuz it’s getting hot

When the block reactin

I’ll be prolly stackin

With a jolly passion

Askin how we could work together

Striving to change the world for better.

an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities