What is your wish for our community?

Wish well cards spread out on a table. Do you have a wish for this community?

During the run of The Gospel of Lovingkindness, we asked audience members to share their wish for our community’s future. These wishes will be added to the stream of community wishes at the Arts on Chicago Wish Well on the corner of 35th Street and Chicago Avenue, but here are a few highlights:

“More positivity”

“The courage to really see each other and to speak what is in our hearts.”

“May our community learn and live compassion, acceptance, and love.”

“Bring in love and hope and justice, forget the shops and restaurants and bring inclusion.

“My wish for our community is that we are able to see the ‘other’ as ourselves. That we in healing our own wounds heal our community’s wounds.”

“I wish for neighbors to get to know their neighbors, to build each other up, instead of tearing people down.”

“That every child in our community will have the chance to become who she is capable of being. And that all will be loved and respected unconditionally.”

“Solidarity and neighbors caring for one another”

“We all need to scrub our streets. Keep on. You are giving us and many hope, energy, and lovingkindness.”

“For all people to smile more”

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