This House is Not for Sale

This House is Not for Sale. Open House Openings.

Join Art Block Leader Molly Van Avery for a front yard celebration featuring poetry by Moheb Soliman, screenprinting with Witt Siasoco, live music by Martin Dosh, food, and festivities.

Saturday, May 30, 6-8 pm
3505 11th Ave. S.

“This House is Not for Sale” is is a public art project conceived of by artist Witt Siasoco and poet/Art Block leader Molly Van Avery. Utilizing the realty sign as both a symbol for the themes of the project and as a structure for displaying art, poets and Siasoco have created site specific artworks in front yards throughout Minneapolis. THINFS brings together homeowners who purchased a previously foreclosed home with the assistance of the City of Lakes Community Land Trust and artists to think about what it means to acknowledge a home’s history and make a life in the wake of someone else’s loss.


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