"Passionate. Painful. Powerful. Poetic. --Pioneer Press "breathless" "insightful" --CityPages "Don't miss it. See it twice." --Minnesota Theater Love "moving, heart-breaking, inspiring" "an electrifying production" --Talkin' Broadway

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The Gospel of Lovingkindness plays May 29 – June 28, 2015. Pick-your-price tickets are available online or by calling 612-825-0459.


  • Review by Renee Valois, Pioneer Press
    “Once again, director Marion McClinton helms a [Marcus] Gardley show at Pillsbury House Theatre (he also directed “The Road Weeps, the Well Runs Dry”)–and once again he has guided a superb cast that taps deep, painfully moving emotions.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Rohan Preston, Star Tribune
    “Playwright Marcus Gardley is rightly celebrated for the roiling stew of poetry and pathos in his mythopoetic narratives and for the insight and sensitivity he brings.” Read the full review »
  • Review by John Olive,
    “We all have an Emmanuel – a child, a brother or sister, a cousin, a niece or nephew, a neighbor boy. Our hyper-awareness of this vulnerability lends The Gospel Of Lovingkindness a savage, breathless, you-can’t-peel-your-eyes-away edge.”
  • Review by Pamela Espeland, MinnPost
    “In the Pillsbury House Theatre production expertly directed by Marion McClinton, four actors take on 14 roles, assuming each with such ease and grace that you forget the cast is so small.”
  • Review by
    “It’s beautifully and poetically written, full of life and humor that balances out the devastation and death of the situation. It’s heavy, and not easy to watch at times, but so worthwhile and necessary.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Play off the Page
    The Gospel of Lovingkindness shows you the terrible outcome of such violence, but it also shows you what love looks like. It’s hope mixed with laughter.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Ed Huyck, City Pages
    “Pillsbury House Theatre provides a measured, often insightful production of Gardley’s play, as a quartet of actors try to bring not just their characters, but the very soul of Chicago, to life.” Read the full review »
  • Review by MNTheaterLove
    “Although the subject matter, partly based on actual events, is grave and incredibly timely, there’s a surprising amount of humor in this play, and even a little magic realism… Don’t miss it. See it twice.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Talkin’ Broadway
    “Though the play is heavy going, it moves with gathering momentum without intermission, and attention never flags. Each scene contributes to our understanding and growing compassion for everyone connected to this tragedy.” Read the full review »


Audience Responses

  • “The Gospel of Lovingkindness at the Pillsbury Theater was heart wrenching and beautiful. Really important theatre. Really wonderful.” —@iwishiwasafinch on Twitter
  • “Gospel of Lovingkindness @PHouseTheatre reflects on life, mothers and sons, a cry to end violence, and above all hope. —@MaryAalgaard on Twitter
  • “‘The Gospel of Lovingkindness’ @Pillsbury House Theater in Mpls made me afraid angry and filled me with hope. A great play smartly presented” —@DHousewright on Twitter
  • “I just enjoyed a powerful performance called, “The Gospel of Lovingkindness” at Pillsbury House. It’s definitely a must see with the main actress being the lovely goddess, Thomasina Petrus!” —@sweetjldavenport on Instagram
  • “This was the best play that I have seen. Amazing and lead to a great discussion afterwards” –Audience member via Facebook
  • “If you like theater and are interested in racism, gun violence, and enjoy political stories told through a personal narrative, check out The Gospel of Loving Kindness at Pillsbury House Theatre. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but the acting was really incredible.” –Audience member via Facebook

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