Taylor Seaberg – Seaberg Band // November 3, 2018

Late Nite Piece: “Afro Forrealism” as performed by Seaberg. 
In a world of constant dysphoria and existential crisis, gender-queer performer, Taylor Seaberg, navigates the world from the perspective of a hip hop head and punk rocker as an Afro surrealist examining the world around them. Trapped in a mental health spiral of bi-polar disorder and mania this musical analysis becomes a journey on how to navigate and analyze relationships, western constructs of time, political events, digital doppelgangers and our obsession with social media, as well as the very foundation of what it means to be alive. Joined by Carlos Kelley, a fellow trans-racial adoptee and Paraguayan drummer who spits raps over percussive hits and Joshua Maxwell on bass, the crew creates music of expression and freedom.

an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities