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Jeffry Lusiak, 2012 Naked Stages artist

Jeffry Lusiak

Performance artist Jeffry Lusiak weaves questions of assimilation within queer identity into a visually-arresting, dynamic collage of live performance and layered video projection to create a bold and unsettling world of high heels, pop culture, violence, desire, shame, and love.

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Zoe Sommers Haas, 2012 Naked Stages Artist

Zoe Sommers Haas

Welcome to Devon’s world. Love him or hate him, once you’ve seen him lose himself in this fantasy world of dreams, joys, failures, and self-discovery—full of movement, video, lighting effects, and pop songs—you’ll understand that he’s just looking for love like everyone else. Can he make himself worthy?

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David T Steinman, 2012 Naked Stages artist

David T Steinman

In the world of an airline baggage handler, TSA patdowns, labor rights disputes, terror alert levels, and jet fuel surround the lowly laborer. Bagman combines live music, masked characters, storytelling, and projected images to reveal the chaos of a life where days flow between brutal acts and dreamlike flight.

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Ahanti Young, 2012 Naked Stages Artist

Ahanti Young

Ahanti Young brings our culture’s invisible people to life using comedy, music, dance, and poetry—to reveal the specific humanity underneath the stereotypes. What is the face that you hide your true self behind?

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