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M. Cochise Anderson - 2010 Naked Stages artist

M. Cochise Anderson

Climb aboard the USS Illusion as it cuts across the Trail of Tears. “Methods of Mass Deception” reimagines historical tragedies through the surreal lenses of modern media, using spoken word, movement, and satire to sail to the center of America’s affliction of entitlement.

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Esther Ouray - 2010 Naked Stages Artist

Esther Ouray

A “rite of return” about the right of return. “The Hebrew Lesson” is performed with live music and weaves myth, history, and personal narrative into the story of a thwarted journey to deliver an ancestor’s ashes to a homeland perverted by conflict.

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Andrea Jenkins - 2010 Naked Stages artist

Andrea Jenkins

This African-American transgender woman lives life balanced on a tightrope. A truly multi-media experience, “Body Parts” uses video and visual art, movement and music and monologue to express and explore the dual nature of the human body.

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Janaki Ranpura - 2010 Naked Stages artist

Janaki Ranpura

In the midst of a medical demonstration, the patient’s heart jumps up and runs across the room. “Your Heart is in My Mouth” takes a daughter on a carnival ride with puppets and shadow projections through her father’s life and deeper into their relationship.

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