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Mire Regulus, 2009 Naked Stages Artist

Miré Regulus

what do I get from my father? what am I offering my son? where do I place sex on the continuum? and how do I not bind myself in a facade of goodness in the meantime?

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Kelley A Meister, Naked Stages Artist 2009

Kelley A Meister

Kelley’s journey for self-approval invites the audience to explore their shared vulnerabilities by encouraging full audience participation.

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Julian McFaul, Naked Stages Artist 2009

Julian McFaul

A short collection of lectures on gravity, relativity and escaping the depths of your own bullshit, using cardboard models of unquantifiable reality.

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Julia Elizabeth Babb, Naked Stages artist 2009

Julia Elizabeth Babb

A braided journey through inner realms, “outré dimensions”, and points betwixt the two, with a certain fluid integrity being its ultimate destination.

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