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Signe V. Harriday

Signe V. Harriday // Oct 29, 2016

Signe V. Harriday is a multidisciplinary artist, teacher, trainer, and facilitator. Utilizing creative tools to explore the world, self, and each other while centering love and liberation. Co-founder of MaMa mOsAiC and Million Artist Movement.

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Lela Pierce

Lela Pierce // Oct 29, 2016

This piece is entitled “Entropic Journies of the soul”. It is a contemplation on soul travel, jazz improvisation and the complexities of chaos. Dedicated and inspired by Laurie Carlos. Lela Pierce is a multiracial black American visual artist and dancer based out of Minneapolis, MN. She has worked with Ananya Dance Theatre since 2004 as […]

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Douglas R. Ewart

Douglas R. Ewart // Oct 29, 2016

I will also interrogate truths and Lies. It is said that a lie only gains traction when it acquires some believers that perpetuates it. And I say the truth has power when it is reveled. I will use a variety of wind and percussion instruments and text during my presentation. This performance is dedicated to […]

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Rich Garvey

Rich Garvey // Oct 29, 2016

Rich Garvey’s 40 min set will be comprised of 20 mins of live production using Ableton live, a laptop and an interface. Rich Garvey is a Liberian Born-Minneapolis based Emcee, Producer, and Engineer. Since 2011 he has been consistent in the Twin Cities, performing at countless venues and gaining more listeners respectively. Having an African background […]

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ShaVunda Horsley // Oct 29, 2016

ShaVunda Horsley is a Minneapolis based, internationally award winning spoken word artist, an actress, activist, and spirit guided writer/culture-smith. She uses her knowledge of African Spirituality, African and African American history and myths and the southern folklore to shed light on raw truths and weave stories of new visions and liberation. ShaVunda is the recipient […]

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