Signe V. Harriday // Oct 29, 2016

Signe V. HarridaySigne V. Harriday is a multidisciplinary artist, teacher, trainer, director, activist, and theatre producer. She is Co-founder of MaMa mOsAiC , a women of color theater company whose mission is to evoke positive social change through female centered work that is empowering and entertaining. She is also an Associate Company Member of Pillsbury House Theatre. She splits her time between New York and Minnesota as she works to encourage positive social change using the tools of theatre to guide and inform the process. She is a founding member of Million Artist Movement which is a network of committed artists and activists that are speaking out as survivors of oppression and a system that dehumanizes the people, particularly Black bodies. MAM stands at the nexus of art and politics, using art as an agent to coalesce people, art, and power into change.

She performs with professional theatre companies as an actor. As a teaching artist she works with a variety of theatres, schools, and community organizations including The Children’s Theatre, Lincoln Center Theater, The New Victory, and Theatre Development Fund. She has designed and implemented arts curriculum for professional theatres, arts organizations, and school districts. As a director, dramaturg, and collaborator, Signe works with other artists, who are deep in the creative process, to articulate and develop their vision and artistry.  Most recently she directed The House on Mango Street at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul.

Dysmorphia in 4 Movements
Dysmorphia is a experimental exploration of fear, grief, addiction, and connection.  Using words, sound,and movement, Signe is asking the questions that continue to come up for her.  She wants to examine how these questions live in and on the body and how they interact with other bodies.  Body dysmorphic disorder is a “mental disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that, to others, is either minor or not observable.”  Signe wants to open up about the fractures in her own reality. In the four movements she’s looking at the disruptions in her perceived realities and the friction that emerges from simultaneous and desperate truths. More questions than answers, Dysmorphia is in its development and Signe hopes to learn more about the work through sharing it with a Late Nite audience.

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