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Scapegoat plays May 27 – June 26, 2015. Pick-your-price tickets are available online or by calling 612-825-0459.


  • Review by MNTheaterLove
    “The brilliance of Ham’s script is in taking a huge event and bringing it down to the intimate level of just these characters…Scapegoat is an excellent example of the breadth and power of the Twin Cities theater community…A powerful play, masterfully executed, which illuminates how the past carries forward to today.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Rohan Preston, Star Tribune
    “Scapegoat” is a gift to actors, including this stellar cast that gets to show its range under Marion McClinton’s alternately muscular and passive direction.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Cecilia Johnson,
    Regina Marie Williams stood out for her intense, well-rounded portrayals of both Effie and Paula Barnes. The story works on both the characters’ personal level and the broader historical level.”  Read the full review »
  • Review by
    “I just can’t say enough about this cast. Jennifer Blagen, Dan Hopman, James A. Williams, and Regina Marie Williams are all wonderful, each creating two distinct yet somehow related characters in the past and the present.”
  • Review by Jay Gabler, City Pages                                                                                                                              “With only four actors and a compact set, Scapegoat, a play by Christina M. Ham now being given its world premiere by Pillsbury House Theatre, is small in scale but vast in ambition.” Read the full review »
  • Review by Ashley Pederson, Southside Pride                                                                                                             “I can’t praise the first half enough. It was the best high-tension live theater I can recall observing, ever. Transitions flowed from line to line and scene to scene with brilliance. We see racism’s complexity, and its stubborn refusal to leave the Southern rural economy.  


Audience Responses

  •   “Saw it last night…an actors tour de force! Pow! Pow! Pow! Great sound design and lighting, as well.”                                                        — Audience member via Facebook
  •  “Scapegoat. Don’t miss it. It’s absolutely incredible.” —@ginmusto on Twitter
  • “Big fan of Scapegoat playing Pillsbury House Theatre” —@mrjdjude on Twitter
  • “Holy amazing & intense & wonderful.” —@1girl2cities on Twitter
  • “Scapegoat” at Pillsbury House Theatre leaves you with a lot to think about.” –Audience member via Facebook
  • “If you like theater and are interested in racism, gun violence, and enjoy political stories told through a personal narrative, check out The Gospel of Loving Kindness at Pillsbury House Theatre. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but the acting was really incredible.” –Audience member via Facebook

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