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Prep played September 18 – October 25, 2015.


  • Review by Sophie Kerman,
    “I am excited about Prep. I am excited both for what it is and for what it represents.” Read the full review »


  • Review by Jill Schafer, Cherry and
    “This one left me with a bit of hope.” 
  • Review by Eric Prindle, Bad
    “Wilson has created an oft-gripping theatrical experience that gives audiences multiple ways of looking at the play’s complicated and sometimes tragic subject matter.” Read the full review »


  • Review by Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press
    “A short, well-performed play filled with ideas.” Read the full review »


  • Review by MN Theatre Love
    “You will experience a whole range of emotions in a short time and be left with plenty of food for thought.” Read the full review »
  • Review by John Townsend, Lavender Magazine
     “Prep is painfully of its time, yet it stands outside time. Its characters are very much of life, yet viscerally larger than life. Wilson is a poet of the theater.” 


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“Great play at Pillsbury Theatre!” via Twitter

“Amazing performance by the entire cast. Definitely worth seeing… more than once.” via Twitter

“Loved the show tonight! Thank you cast and crew!” via Twitter

“Don’t miss this terrific show!” via Twitter

I caught a performance of Prep last night and I’m so glad I did. I was intensely absorbed by each actor’s performance and I thought the use of pre-recorded audio struck a perfect balance of enhancing the action without being overbearing.  Beyond the stellar performances, the story is what really took me. Chris’ experience raises real questions about the possibilities available for individuals to be historical actors, and to substantially undermine the course of racism and other long-standing processes of domination and oppression.  How can a person alone make a big difference fighting white supremacy? What is it about the current context that makes going it alone feel more possible than organizing with others to struggle together?  Oliver’s success highlights the fickle nature of charitable tendencies that are eager to help people out… or to assuage anxieties about the continuity between historical oppression and disadvantages people of color face in the present. I think this second factor is an under-acknowledged one and that acknowledging it, as Prep has, is important for transcending piecemeal efforts at reparation and substantially transforming the relations between people in the present. – Matty


I saw this incredible play last night.  It is such a relevant piece and its complexity juxtaposed against its spare production took my breath away.  All three actors are absolutely amazing and all the more so given some challenges in the audience at last night’s performance.  Both my friend and I thought that their talent and commitment to getting Wilson’s  message across reached all of us in attendance, even the younger members .    Thanks for what you do!  – Mary Kokernot

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