Nov. 07/Bill Cottman


Bill Cottman pic

The piece features spoken word, prerecorded audio, projected images. The concept for the performance is based on both artists sharing the time and space allotted while improvising content from separate themes; my theme is Let Your Head Be Heavy.  Excerpts from my works about body, healing and ownership will inform  my presentation and spaces will be  left for ghosts to inhabit my endeavors.

Bill Cottman has evolved into an intra-media artist by digitally blending visual and aural elements for use as character, environment and cinema in live performance. Since 2003 his primary visual theme has been based upon his relationship with four women significant in his life; his mother, wife, mother in law and daughter. His photographic style can be identified as casually done, but carefully considered social landscapes; the people, places and things crossing his path daily.

We are born into circumstances. We live in situations. We make decisions. Time passes relentlessly. The quality, style and length of our lives depends upon constantly changing combinations of these components. We grapple with the issues of knowing our history and behaving wisely, while anticipating the unpredictable nature of the future.

an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities