Miré Regulus

Mire Regulus, 2009 Naked Stages Artist

KnotDrawn: My Goodness, the Milk, and the Daddy(body)

by Miré Regulus
Mentored by: Gabrielle Civil and Mankwe Ndosi
New skills development: Tamir Bayarsaihan

what do I get from my father? what am I offering my son? where do I place sex on the continuum?
and how do I not bind myself in a facade of goodness in the meantime?

the body is a transitory place. we act as if it is whole, unique and inviolate. yet, between generations, the body is a crossroads between what came before and
what manifests after.

between my father and my son, I am more than the middle-man
birthright genetics attribute lineage
and i speak not of things, but of ourselves, our ways, our choices, our desires,
our tumbling
what is the promise of this body?
can I realign what I inherited and revel in my own posibiliities?
can I transform these twisted bonds, often tight and swollen, into something
which lays lightly, is beautifully playful, honest and whole?

KnotDrawn marks Miré Regulus’ return to art-making and performing. Past projects include @rkology, a spoken word/music group, Red Eye’s WorksIn Progress, June Wilson’s Circle of Choice Dance Company, performances at Patrick’s Cabaret, the Center for Independent Artists, and at Laurie Carlos’s original Late Nite series at Penumbra Theater. Miré has directed a staged reading at the College of St. Catherine and performance art pieces at C4IA. She participated in the Change Exchange program on L.A.’s Skid Row – one of her most intense artistic experiences. She experiences food as pleasure and as a way to teach and learn about culture, so bring her something from your kitchen.

Gabrielle Civil is a black woman poet, concectual and performance artist, originally from Detroit, MI. A 2002 alumna of the Naked Stages program, she recently returned from a Fulbright Fellowship in Mexico City, where she pursued her project “In and Out of Place: Making Black Feminist Performance Art in
Mexico.” Awe, inspirtaion, texture and mystery have been key aspects of her experience working with Miré. Gabrielle has been thankful for the experience. The aim of all her work is to open up space.

Mankwe Ndosi works in voice, story and improvisation all around the world. She collaborates with dancers, MC’s, and prophets of invented wind instruments. She has been making work in the Twin Cities for more than 15 years and in Chicago. She works to expand the vocabulary of singing and vocalization.
Sha is the recent recipeint of support from the McKnight Foundation/American Composer’s Forum, The Jerome Travel and Study grant, and a project grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. She also makes musical work with Zach Baagason of Big Quarters. Her newest work – As the Rhythm Changes – with invented instruments by Douglas R. Ewart – will be shown at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul, May 14-16. She is so excited that Ms. Regulus is back on the art block!

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