Mankwe Ndosi & Mire Regulus // November 18, 2017

Mire Regulus & Mankwe Ndosi (photo Roberto Cifarelli)

Mankwe and Mire will be performing a piece titled Glorious Raw.

Miré Regulus is a mover, writer and theater performance artist. Her work is marked by poetical prose, rich language, mythology, finding ways into community and non-linear structure.

Mankwe Ndosi is celebrated for a sound and practice that spans genres and disciplines: celebrating influences from Jazz and African legacies, Hip Hop and Soul, performance art, theater, public art and improvisation. She is a performer and composer who uses texture, utterance and harmony to make music with artists of all genres, and living beings human, animal and elemental. She performs nationally and internationally with creative musicians and performing artists. She is also Wild Plant Woman and a Culture Worker – using creative practice to nurture human connection to each other, our ancestors, and the earth.

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