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Oanh Vu & Andrew Young

A performance of Monsoon Season June 29th | 7pm

We are excited to welcome back Oanh Vu & Andrew Young to Pillsbury House + Theatre as our May-June Makers Series artists! Last season their shadow puppetry brought the world What/Washed Ashore/Astray to Vivid Life. Now, they are returning to our spaces with Monsoon Season Presents – a music and puppetry experience exploring ideas and new puppetry forms.  Monsoon Season presents a music and puppetry WIP performance using shadow and Japanese cart puppetry. Monsoon Season will be collaborating with musician, Ritika Ganguly to create music inspired by a speech on solidarity given by poet Bao Phi, and invites the audience to participate in communal singing. This is a one performance opportunity as part of PH+T’s Makers Series. 

Andrew Young (he/they) is a Taiwanese-Indonesian-American puppeteer, artist, and educator based in Minneapolis. They received puppeteer training through Monkeybear’s Harmolodic workshop, a Black, Native, and POC focused puppetry organization. Andrew has since worked for Mayday and Barebones as a staff artist, performed their own work at In the Heart of the Beast and Open Eye Figure Theater, as well as collaborated on work at PH+T. As a part of their practice they are interested in collaboration and community building, exploring the natural world, and aiming light towards mental health and our inner worlds. They are a second generation immigrant, and so have a deep love for immigrant stories as well as stories of being a POC in the United States. Andrew teaches youth through Urban Boatbuilders and COMPAS, and is an assistant director with the Full Moon Puppet Show. Andrew has also been a part of the inaugural cohort of “Our Space is Spoken For”, a collaborator on “MNiatures” for the Minnesota Opera, was the 2022 resident artist for the Landmark Center, and was featured on Season 3 of TPT’s Art Is.  

To them, their work explores connection–to the self, to the world, and to others. That is the ultimate goal in both their teaching and the art they make, to create or strengthen connections. From a young age Andrew has been enamored with the feeling of magic that can happen when experiencing art or watching it being made, and, since then,  they’ve tried to capture and communicate that same sense of wonder in the things that they create.

Oanh Vu is a puppeteer, educator, and community organizer. As a second generation Vietnamese American she uses humor and the playfulness of puppetry to tell stories of healing for herself and her community. She is a recipient of a 2023 Jim Henson Workshop Grant and her work has been shared through In The Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre, Mia, MN Opera, Theater Mu, Open Eye Theatre, Twin Cities Public Television, and the Walker Art Center. She got her start in puppetry through Monkeybear’s Harmolodic Workshop and is now the Puppet Lab Co-artistic director at Open Eye Theatre. Oanh’s first full length puppet show, Phantom Loss, premiers March 21sth-30th, 2024 at In the Heart of the Beast Theatre. 


‘Ritika Ganguly, Ph.D., is a Minneapolis-based composer and anthropologist born and raised in New Delhi, India. She is committed to a vocabulary-building of South Asian folk music and her vocal, compositional, and voice coaching work pushes us to rely less on music notation and theory, and more on audiative practices that deepen our aptitude to hear and express. Ritika’s emerging experimental work in sound art explores the socially constructed boundaries between sound, noise, and music; how sound can be smelt / touched / heard / seen / tasted; and how and where we can begin to use sound to see the act of silencing.   

Ritika is a 2021 McKnight Composers Fellow, and her body of work has been supported by the Minnesota Opera, Jerome Foundation, MRAC, and Minnesota State Arts Board, among others. She is a loose, long-leaf tea enthusiast, and loves to explore the joy of making art with friends.’ 

PH+T’s Makers Series has visionary artists create while in residence in our space and our community. The Makers Series engages boundary-pushing artists to develop challenging original work at the intersection of arts and social justice, opening space for stories that decolonize, democratize, and liberate.  

 You are invited to experience the final performance of the inaugural PH+T Makers Series on Saturday, June 29th at 7pm. Facebook event here.

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