Junauda Petrus // Nov. 9, 2013

Junauda Petrus Junauda is a dancer, actress and writer who fell in love with aerial arts 5 years ago. Combining the ritual of theatre with the art of aerial, Junauda calls the stories, sayings, ideas, fears and triumphs that live in psychic memory and dwells in spirits and give it a home on the visceral landscape of the body and space.

“I emulate the Griot of West Africa who is of the people and is interested in telling their story and protecting the essence in which it was told. I reflect primarily on the modern Black reality and its complexities, its light, shadow, heart and soul, humanity and through my art I make an offering for healing.”

Junauda and Erin Sharkey are the co-founders of Free Black Dirt. As a performance artist, Junauda creates and maintains sacred space.  It is a way of knowing the world, exploring truth and what resides on the insides of things.

Out My Mind, Just In Time

“It is about being a wild-woman having her first experiment in being “in love.” It is about the way that relationships exist in the karmic and the mundane and the profound and in deep desire.  It is about alchemizing yours and someone else’s bullshit into divinity and failing.”

“This piece is inspired by an experiment in grownness, of how being in a particular relationship grew me.”

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