Jomama Jones tour continues in Los Angeles

Jomama entersWe loved having Jomama Jones in our space. The music had visitors to our Wednesday night free clinic dancing away their blues. The laughter had many audience members rolling tears. And the wishes that everyone shared during the show have filled our building with an amazing positive energy.

We’re sad that Jomama has to leave, but they want her in L.A. where the Center Theatre Group will be presenting RADIATE LIVE! on August 3 and 4. If you have friends in L.A., you know you’ll want to send them to this. Here’s the link for more information.

FYI: Radiate Live! filled 90% of our available permanent seats, making it our second show in a row that has filled 90% or more of the house. . . We’ll have more seats in the Dowling Studio of the Guthrie Theater, but we still want to keep up this trend. Don’t hesitate to buy tickets–and tell friends–about that show.

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