Nov. 21/Ifrah Mansour


Ifrah Mansour is a Somali multimedia artist, interweaving text, movement, sound, digital media and visual installation. She uses art to explore and expand perceptions of beauty, womanhood and East­-African diaspora experiences in hopes of bringing more awareness and acceptance into the world. She was recently named amongst a global list of “Ten Somali Artists and Entertainers To Watch In 2015”.  She is a bilingual teacher who enjoys gardening and cycling. Recent works include; Somalia’s Balloon, Esug, Ethnically Trendy, Corn For Ayayo, Global Taxi Driver, freedom Daze, Clothespins, Lablaab The Spill. Upcoming works and shows include Somalia’s Balloon, How to Have Fun in a Civil War, Snapchat Express, Teachers’ wanted, Feminist Pet, Cedar Cypher, East-African Elders’ Advice To Diaspora Children, Festival Of Nations, and Children’s Theatre Company.

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