home school week four

sorry about missing last week however it was full and eventful. the big day is coming up and emotions are running high. i’m sitting in my office with one of the graduates of the program. who is doing fine, living on his own and starting at HCTC in September. meanwhile at the home school the writing is coming hard and fast and the show is starting to take shape.

as we start blocking i get the yearly revelation “it is possible” the script will be done shortly, there’s never enough time. someone hands you a new piece that brings a tear to your eyes, or an epiphany is reached and you shout “YES, THAT”S IT!”

another sample of the poetry that is coming from the hearts of these forgotten citizens

“thoughts flow like an open river
down the streets of silver and gold
joyful memories that will last forever
but moments have to end sometime
trapped in our good memories of the past
N let the present pass us by
so now we way behind
couldn’t take it and fell
feeling like we got a 1 way ticket to hell
so don’t get left behind because
some moments can last a lifetime”

young hearts shift from excitement and anticipation to trepidation and fear

old patterns try to reemerge. how can i sabotage myself? petty arguments occur, misdirected conversations and the struggle for power in a young souls between the risk of acknowledging budding talents and the known territory of lack of effort. everyday i watch them garner enough courage to try again. a movement pattern, a tongue twister, to reach that note. it brings me face to face with an earlier me. looking for a way to count, to make a difference. to borrow from another of my young artists ” i just want to be somebody during the time i’m in here.” slowly but surely they’re succeeding

don’t miss the fruits of their labor. wednesday and thursday, august 15 and 16, 2pm at pillsbury house + theatre


an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities