Nov. 14/Herbert Johnson III


Dear Chained,

This piece is for the oppressed.
We have chains that create chain reactions throughout our generations. Causing separation of the mind and soul.
Neither chain is better than the other. The only difference is one was provided to you, and the other was bought by you.
The meaning of these chains are synonymous.

We must enlighten.
We must uplift.
We must cultivate seeds of knowledge into the minds of the oppressed
so we can EVOLVE into our true nature
in which we were blessed.
This is our Uprising
What we have is unstoppable.
The urge for power is the symptom of fear.
The supreme isn’t really that “supreme”
Its time for our revolution.
Break the chain.


Herb Johnson III
Marcus Smith
Radio Ahlee
Ian Smith
Atorr McReynolds
Frankie Hebres
Robert King
Charles Johnson
Damontiz Coleman
Andy Underhill
Storm Mckee
Timothy Edwards

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