Eric F. Avery

 Eric F. Avery[Play]ing + (P) House

by Eric F. Avery
December 14, 2014
4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Sunday

This building-wide performance explores how we are treated and how we treat others when who we are becomes reassigned and the context for our interactions shifts. From childcare to clinics to support groups, [Play]ing + (P) House takes an unflinching look at the power dynamics at play in the world of social service and grapples with the complexities of authentic exchange in settings mediated by rules and roles. Hilarity takes a sharp turn into profundity as you are invited to try on a new identity and adventure through a re-imagined Pillsbury House + Theatre.

Over the past decade, Eric has created over a dozen of his own works and been involved in the creation and production numerous original works of performance. They have ranged from works written by new playwrights, devised works, improvised pieces, and more recently as performance installations and other genre busting experiments.

His undergraduate training at University of Kansas exposed him to the canon and traditional theatre training, as well as to experimental performance and the possibility of creating his own work. After graduating, he moved to Minneapolis and co-founded Savage Umbrella, a theatre partnership dedicated to creating socially relevant new works of performance. During this time, he also maintained a freelance career as a performer and educator. Currently, he is navigating a professional and artistic balance between the worlds of visual and performing arts.

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