Emily Zimmer


3 Figures$

by Emily Zimmer
December 5, 7, 12, & 14

Disaster doesn’t trickle down. It crashes. In 2008, banks were bailed out and ordinary people lost their homes. 3 Figure$ uses three characters to explore the economic melt down: the philosopher who made it possible, a voice that tried to prevent it, and a former homeowner who has to live with the consequences. The figures who occupy the piece weave in and out of fantasia as they explore the ways money motivates, mystifies, and leaves destruction in its wake. How do we begin to understand what is intentionally incomprehensible? How do we feel money? How can crisis shock us into action?

Emily performs locally with Frank Theatre, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Children’s Theatre Company, in the garage of the Central Neighborhood home she lives in, and various other places. She has also appeared on stage at La Jolla Playhouse, Dixon Place and Florida Stage. She is a teaching artist with the Neighborhood Bridges program at CTC. She studied theatre at Macalester College and physical theatre at the Burlesk Center with Pierre Byeland.

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