Drewcella Oya Mae // Nov 19, 2016

Drewcella Oya MaeDrewcella Mae Davis, also known as Oya, is a born and raised playwright from Minneapolis, MN. She is currently a senior at Augsburg college majoring in sociology with a focus on playwriting. The rhythms, and cultures of North Minneapolis and Afro Cuban spiritual traditions are infused in the worlds of her plays. Her work focuses on blackness, beauty, in the context of America. Her plays aim to redefine blackness in terms of love, family, community and the magic that comes along with not knowing where one truly came from. Her plays hope to give life to stories that haven’t been told. One day she will use her experience as a playwright and sociologist to rehabilitate black youth in prison and give a voice to the voiceless.

My play the brotherhood is about three brothers meeting at a cafe that their mother use to take them to growing up, the oldest of the three brothers Snake just got out of jail. While he was in prison Levi and Slim the younger brothers watched as a group of white men came into their house killing their youngest brother Skinny and watch the white men rape their mother. Snake is ready to hear the story and take back his role as the man of the house but Levi is not ready to give up his position.

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