DJO // Nov. 2, 2013

DJOD’jo | dee’joe |
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1. If you were to order his style in a drink: D’jo would be a dirty rocks glass filled with turntablism, a splash of Juke, a squeeze of Footwork, a dash of DnB, shaken at 160bpm, then kicked, not once, but twice in the side with an 808.

2. “the highlight of my time at The Dinkytowner was watching and hearing D’jo work his turntable magic throughout the night. This guy is so into the music its contagious. His finger work is fresh and fast. His timing is impeccable. And when he is off stage, he is at the edge of the dancefloor close to the performers dancing and giving props. This guy lives and breathes beats and flow like no other.” —Ian Indo, “The Dinkytowner: Underground Hip Hop That Is Literally Underground” (Jan 09, 2009)

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