Daniel Alexander Jones

Daniel Alexander Jones

This June, playwright and performer Daniel Alexander Jones brought his latest beautiful and outrageous creation, the soul superstar diva Jomama Jones, to Minneapolis, marking his third collaboration with Pillsbury House Theatre since Bel Canto premiered in 2004.

“Every time I’ve worked with Pillsbury,” recalls Daniel, “there is a strong sense that the work being done is important to everyone in the building. No matter how challenging the material, it really is a place where everyone can come and have a conversation.” Today, Daniel teaches at Fordham University while also touring with Jomama Jones to cities around the country, but his history with Minnesota dates all the way back to the mid-90s. In fact, Jomama Jones herself was first performed during his three year stint as an emerging artist in the Twin Cities.

Bringing Jomama back in a complete show is a way to “bring her back to her birthplace. And pay tribute to all the incredible artists in the Twin Cities who helped birth me as an artist. Plus, it is always an honor to be a part of any work being done at Pillsbury.”

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photos of Daniel Alexander Jones, 2012 by Bobby Halvorson


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