20 years of Loving Chicago Avenue Project


20 years of playing, 20 years of laughing, 20 years of learning, 20 years of loving CAP!

July looks to be a hot month for the Chicago Avenue Project (CAP)! In preparation for the program’s official 20 year celebration and show on November 8-9, CAP is launching a $20,000 for 20 years campaign drive. Our goal? To raise $20,000 that will help CAP provide 20 more years of education and self-esteem building programming for kids in our community. Give $20, $200, $2000 or whatever you can. We want to reach our goal by October 3rd, before the November CAP production of The Devil Is in the Details. You are important in giving kids in our community a chance to dream and dream big. Donate today, and help the show go on!!!

For more information and to donate, go to our webpage here.

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