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Photo by Caroline Yang, 2019.

Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Hydro’s Phobia by Hawona Sullivan Janzen Directed by Mankwe Ndosi Hydro’s Phobia is the true-false story of Hydro, a healer woman who struggles with a profound fear of water. Moments of her life are revealed through a series of narratives performed by tour guides from her dreams. One part performance art, one part self-help book, […]

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Amoke Awele Kubat

Good Old Pussy and Old Good Pussy by Amoke Awele Kubat Directed by Maren Ward Amoke’s project, Good Old Pussy and Old Good Pussy (aka Good Old Kit Kat and Old Good Kit Kat) is about Black women’s UNSAIDS about AGING; mind, body, and sexuality. This work explores the historical and continual objectification of Black […]

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Queen Drea

Queen Drea’s Soul Chamber: The Chaos Inside by Queen Drea Directed by Signe Harriday Queen Drea’s Soul Chamber: The Chaos Inside is an aural, comedic and movement- based exploration into chaos inside of QD’s mind. Sometimes the chaos enhances creative spirit, sometimes it opens memory, sometimes it conjures a whole lot of wisecracks, and often […]

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