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Douglas R. Ewart

Douglas Ewart // November 18, 2017

The polymathic Douglas R. Ewart has been honored for his work as a composer, improvising multi-instrumentalist, conceptual artist, sculptor and mask- and instrument designer. Also an educator, Ewart bridges his kaleidoscopic activities with a vision that opposes today’s divided world by culture-fusing works that aim to restore the wholeness of communities and of the individuals […]

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Yonci Peaceful Jameson & William (Bill) Cottman

Bill Cottman & Yonci Jameson // November 11, 2017

Yonci enjoys a variety of music making; jazz on bass clarinet, traditional rhythms on West African drums, and exploring the alternative through the combination of electronic software and acoustic instruments. Yonci has in the past and now often in the present been a writer of poetry and essays. Concepts of freedom, identity and responsibility are […]

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Pyeng Threadgill // November 18, 2017

Described as “charmingly eclectic” by St Louis Today Pyeng Threadgill sings ‘New Porch Music’ crafting an intimate journey through folk and Jazz with Afro- electronic inflections. In the midst of developing her fourth solo album and a multimedia project entitled Head Full of Hair, Heart Full of Song, Ms. Threadgill shines a light on hair, […]

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pavielle_pic_by_Joey J.

PaviElle French // November 18, 2017

PaviElle is an amazing interdisciplinary artist, Upper Midwest Emmy Award and Sage Award winner. She is known for her powerhouse vocals and performing with an equally powerful 6 piece band. Most recently, PaviElle was voted as Minneapolis City Pages “Best R&B Vocalist of 2015”, her band was named one of First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2015 and, was […]

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Tha’ll // November 4, 2017

Tha’ll is an Afrocentric interdisciplinary gender-neutral performance ensemble creating around ideas of dimensional time travel and shapeshifting. Keri Deng Tap is a self-taught, first generation musician and aspiring herbal healer. Kenna-Camara Cottman is a dancer, an artist, a mother and a community member. Yonci Jameson is a musician and budding organizer, specializing in all things Black. […]

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