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Breaking Ice returns to the Neighborhood

Breaking Ice has created a show informed by the conversations surrounding the proposed Seward Friendship Co-op, specifically food access and jobs. Join us for a powerful, dramatic, and entertaining performance, followed by a short, facilitated discussion designed to foster better understanding and communication.

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After the first Breaking Ice conversation. . .

Last Monday night I rode my bike to El Collegio Charter School. It was time to show the world a little bit of Breaking Ice’s show about… what exactly? Gentrification? Changing neighborhoods? Revitalization? Development? Words get tricky in this context, so I leave you to choose your own. The night was a beautiful one, warm […]

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Breaking Ice in Bancroft

Presented by the Bancroft Neighborhood Association, this special Breaking Ice production explores how the Bancroft neighborhood is responding to development and change. A reprise of the Arts on Chicago performance at Pillsbury House earlier this year, it asks questions about the confusing word “gentrification” and how neighborhoods can evolve in economically stable and sustainable ways. […]

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