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Florence Hill // 2018

Florence Hill will bring neighbors together to paint on a garage mural at 3200 Elliot Av. This piece will feature words from songs, poems, or quotations, that echos the original lyrics and music on the garage at 3238 Elliot Av. and serve to connect the two ends of our block.

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Wing Young Huie // 2018

Wing Young Huie’s project “Shifting Identities” will involve Wing photographing five people in the four neighborhoods connected by 38th & Chicago, each in two ways that show their shifting identities (diptychs) for a total of 10 photos. Wing will interview each person and collaboratively write a back-story that will complicate and challenge the perceptions of […]

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Niky Duxbury // 2018

Niky Duxbury will make two ceramic little tea cups for folks on her block – one for them and one to give as a gift or share a drink with someone. This gift will come with encouragement to spend a few moments with another person over tea.

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Zoe Haas // 2018

Zoe Haas will host another Haunted Front Porch extravaganza on Halloween, transforming her porch and front yard into a hilarious, scary, epic community ritual.

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Plant Grow Share

Plant-Grow-Share // 2018

Plant-Grow-Share will integrate arts-based community engagement into its free produce give aways at the Little Free Farmer’s Market, at its main garden, and at its community meals and bonfires.

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