Breaking Ice takes on Racism and Humor

Pillsbury House Theatre’s Breaking Ice company teams up with the YWCA of Minneapolis for a special performance exploring the many ways racism and humor run hand-in-hand throughout the media and our culture. Is it OK to laugh at a racist joke? Why do so many TV shows rely on stereotypes and biases for character development and humor? Is there a healthy way to explore questions of racial justice through humor? Where is the line?  And how do you know when it has been crossed?

We invite you to join us to explore the intersection of race and humor and learn techniques for speaking up when you feel a line has been crossed.

Thursday, June 19
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

YWCA Downtown Minneapolis
1130 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55403

$10. RSVP by June 11

Scholarships available; email to inquire.

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