Blackout Improv // November 10, 2018

Blackout Improv is a hilarious comedy troupe. The style is a mix of comedy, social justice, and arts access. We seek to put more Black performers on more stages; to create comedic dialogue around serious truths; and to provide more opportunities for Black students. Blackout is changing the face of stages in Minnesota.
Blackout’s cast includes improvisers, stand up comedians, musicians, classically trained actors, dancers, poets, writers, storytellers, and educators. The founding members and owners are Alsa Bruno, Joy Dolo Anfinson, Andy Hilbrands, John Gebretatose and Kory LaQuess Pullam. During a Blackout show you will encounter any combination of these talents as well as experience a dynamic show that will entertain you, take a look at serious current events, and perhaps even challenge you. In its first year Blackout spent more than 5,000 hours doing trainings, workshops, and performances for nonprofits, colleges, and corporations across the country.

an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities