Art and hip-hop

Hip Hop is the lens through which I view life.  Born and raised in The Bronx, I’ve always been exposed to it.  However, as I grew, I became more and more aware of its social/political power.  As an artist and educator, I am very interested in Hip Hop’s healing qualities as well as its native/indigenous roots.  I think it is important to pay respect to each of Hip Hop’s 5 elements and keep the tradition of “Peace, Love, Unity, & Having Fun” alive.  I am one of the many individuals whose life has been saved by Hip Hop and continues to evolve because of it.  With this upcoming performance at Pillsbury House & Theatre on November 3rd, I am both honored and excited to perform alongside such a talented community of artists.  I am also humbled to have the opportunity to build with them during my stay in Minneapolis.

In terms of my performance, I will be sharing songs & poems that I have written with videos that I have filmed serving as the backdrop.  My work is very personal, honest, and seeks to address real issues.  Be it issues concerning family, friendship, identity, immigration, etc.  No matter what it is I choose to speak about in my music, I always seek to be open-minded.  In addition to rocking the mic, I am likewise thrilled to facilitate my very own workshop “Hip Hop: Its Native Roots & Indigenous Culture.”  In it, I will explore the ‘history’ of Hip Hop and seek to show its inseparable connectedness to the colonization of indigenous peoples.  In Minneapolis, I hope to meet many new faces and share honest moments of growth.  Much love & respect to everyone in the Twin-Cities!!!

— Intikana, 10/29/2012

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