Amoke Awele Kubat

Good Old Pussy and Old Good Pussy
by Amoke Awele Kubat
Directed by Maren Ward
Amoke’s project, Good Old Pussy and Old Good Pussy (aka Good Old Kit Kat and Old Good Kit Kat) is about Black women’s UNSAIDS about AGING; mind, body, and sexuality. This work explores the historical and continual objectification of Black female bodies from slavery to medical progress and bioethics, educational institutions, the workplace and contemporary media images.

BIOGRAPHY: Amoke Kubat is a ”Northsider for life” who has been involved in empowering mothers and families since 1987. She is a Yoruba Priestess, retired teacher, artist and writer. Amoke partners with community artists, activists and organizations to bridge African/African American culture and historical contributions into transformative actions for healing, and building sustainable families and communities. Amoke uses writing and art making to speak truth to power and to hold a position of wellness in an America sick with inequalities and inequities. She self-published her memoir, Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing in 2012.

Amoke is CEO of YO MAMA! The Art of Mothering Workshops. These art-making support groups are for mothers of all ages. YO MAMA’s mission is to empower mothers by disrupting the devaluation of women’s visible and invisible labor and showcasing their mastery of the art of mothering and traditional women’s work that transforms into daily artistic practices and increased economic security.

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