A.P. Looze

The Ways I Wished to Love Her
By A.P. Looze
Directed by Molly Van Avery
What does it mean to look at your reflection in a broken mirror, to take the fragments of inherited brokenness and learn how to hold and cherish their sharp edges? In an odyssey of seeking a new kind of mirroring, it is essential to yield to awe, generate your own sources of light, and to mother yourself through the heartache of what you wished to have but never did.

A.P. Looze seeks the truth and goes on heartfelt and honest adventures to find it. Their work touches on concepts of spirituality by way of personal narrative and investigation and inquiry of past experience. They are most inspired by objects, nature, pop culture, and science, to share stories that create vessels and spaciousness for the self to heal and flourish. Their solo performances have appeared as a part of Pleasure Rebel, Queertopia, through 20% Theatre Company, and The Guthrie.

an integral part of Pillsbury United Communities