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Interested in engaging Breaking Ice for your community or workplace? We have years of experience helping groups and organizations ‘break the ice’ around the difficult conversations that need to happen in our rapidly changing world, with satisfied clients from Wells Fargo to Ramsey County Public Health to St. Thomas University. Contact Noel Raymond at 612-787-3620 or to find out how we might customize a Breaking Ice performance to meet your goals.

About Breaking Ice


Breaking Ice is a customized professional theatre experience created for organizations and businesses that need help with difficult issues both interpersonal and institutional.

Because every organization wrestles with communication – often based on misunderstanding or cultural differences. But you don’t have to let those differences block your organization’s ability to move forward and succeed.


Through research and training, our professional staff develop a customized, highly specific performance that incorporates the issues that confront your organization.

Imagine what happens when the same discussions and dialogues you hear whispered at your workplace are illuminated on stage in a safe theater setting? It’s a powerful, dramatic, and entertaining way to step back and get a fresh perspective while gaining a more intimate understanding of how individuals relate to each other.

Following the performance, Breaking Ice facilitators lead participants in discussions designed to foster better understanding and communication, exploring the tough stuff together. More than 200 organizations have experienced Breaking Ice since it began in 1996.


We welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss how we can develop a program for your organization. Call Noel Raymond at 612-787-3620 or



“The honesty and dynamics of the presentation made people confront things they would rather not see, but also inspired them to be part of the solution. People are still talking about the experience a year later. The program is powerful and motivating. A great teaching tool that is a rare find.”
Jim Langemo, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Best Buy

“Breaking Ice does a tremendous job of providing people with the opportunity to discuss their cultural misunderstanding and discover potential solutions.”
Carmén Baker, Carlson Companies

“Breaking Ice as a training vehicle is one of the best mediums I’ve experienced… a safe way to learn and grow outside your comfort zone.”
Phillip Miner, Minnesota’s Private Colleges

“I’ve attended many diversity training events over the years, but nothing has come anywhere near the impact of Breaking Ice. You put into words and experience what is said, thought, felt. And it created a framework and environment for honest conversations sorely needed.”
Joel B. Spoonheim, Health Partners

“The performance will exceed all of your expectations… The most amazing part of the whole presentation was the research that was put into the project and the use of that research in tailoring the presentation to our group. As good as the performance was, it was totally enhanced by the facilitated discussion after the presentation. I was impressed with Breaking Ice at every step in the process and would recommend them to any group.”
Juan Martinez, Minnesota Family Support and Recovery Council



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